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July 17, 2022

1.05 \\ First Day Nerves

Macie and Rho attempt to distract themselves while Garyn does his best to save Warren, and Rho takes a trip through memory lane as she remembers more of her past.

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CONTENT WARNING: brief human experimentation and torture

Macie and Rho attempt to distract themselves while Garyn does his best to save Warren, and Rho takes a trip through memory lane as she remembers more of her past.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Stef Howerton --Rho

Tal Minear -- Macie Vincent

Lindsay Zana-- Dr. Cicely Bennett

Aubryn Stevens -- Intern

Newton Schottelkotte -- Atta Harris

Emily Summers -- Overhead Announcer

Jennifer Trela -- Front Desk Agent

Justin Reighard -- Jefferson Hammond

Karim Kronfli -- Dr. Karl Amos

David S. Dear -- Garyn Beikirch


Music -- Tim Rosko

Sound Design -- Brad Colbroock

Written, Directed, & Produced by Stef Howerton

Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/spectre/donations

Thanks so much for listening! <3


STEF HOWERTON: Bonjour, wonderful listeners. Stef here. I've got another two fantastic audio dramas to share with you at the end of this episode, so make sure to stick around, okay? First up is Where the Stars Fell, created, run, and starred in by none other than SPECTRE's fiery Atalanta Harris, Newton Schottelkotte. Join Dr. Ed Tucker in this supernatural mystery audio drama as she searches for answers to mysteries just beyond the tree line. But is she ready for what finds her? Give it a listen and hear for yourself. Our second trailer is Badlands Cola, an indie mystery/horror audio drama created and run by Renee Taylor Klint. There's something in the mud, and Badlands Cola seeks to find out what exactly that is. This show premiered on June 21st, and boy oh boy did it get a lot of hype (and for good reason)! I don't want to give away too much, but if you're into Limetown or House of Leaves, Badlands Cola might be up your alley. Y'all, seriously. Listen to this show. It is… (kiss sound) chef's kiss. Alright. Enough of my rambling and buckle on down for a pretty eventful episode of SPECTRE. Episode 5: First Day Nerves.

SHOWRUNNER: SPECTRE is intended for mature audiences. Listener discretion is advised. This episode contains content that may be alarming to some listeners. Please check the show notes at spectrepod.com for a more detailed description prior to listening.

[SFX: The theme music plays fully, beginning with a haunting, dark humming that escalates into an electronic melody with a surging arpeggio that pushes the tempo forward. It ends in a fade, punctuated by a high-tone chord that reverberates into silence.]

[SFX: Plagued by thoughts revolving around recent events, RHO tosses and turns in bed as she attempts to relax. A chime dings, signaling that someone is at the door.]

RHO: Yes?

MACIE: It's me! 

RHO: Come on in.

[SFX: The door opens, and MACIE rushes in, exasperatedly dropping a large, overwhelming plethora of items onto the foot of the bed.]

MACIE: Oof! Ah, whoopsies!

RHO: What is all this?

MACIE: Well... I thought since we were both cooped up here and - maybe this is just me - freaking out about Warbly, I thought... Well, I thought we could distract each other.

[SFX: RHO picks through the items and discovers a few single-use packs of face masks. She holds them up to MACIE's view.]

RHO: With face masks?

MACIE: Exactly! Spa night!

RHO: I dunno, Macie--

MACIE: Oh, come on! It'll be fun! We can even watch something on my projector! I heard that new romance or whatever with whats-his-face in it is actually really good.

RHO: I'm not much of a romance--

MACIE: Oh, ew. You sound just like Eddie. We've got a lot of time to kill while we're stationary, you know? Otherwise, we'll just be sitting here waiting to move again.

RHO: Wait, I-I thought we were going to a nearby system to get help for Warren.

MACIE: No, Lillian decided against it. Gar-Gar said that Warbly is getting better and that he can take care of him right out of the medbay. Eddie brought us to a nearby depot station, and we're parked here until Lillian gives us the go-ahead. If you ask me, I think we're laying low because of what we just did on that planet.

RHO: Really? He started recovering that quickly? When he came on board–

[SFX: MACIE walks up to RHO.]

MACIE: Nuh-uh! Stop it! We. Are. Relaxing. Gar-Gar has it handled. He's the best. We don't need some fancy hospital. And Warbly is really strong. He always is. So. Spa night. Yeah?

RHO: Yeah, I guess so. Do we have to watch the romance? Surely you have something with a little more grit to it.

MACIE: Uhh... Maybe? Hold on. 

[SFX: MACIE walks over to the box of items that they dropped.

MACIE: I need to find…

[SFX: MACIE rifles through the box in search for something.]

MACIE: Okay, here it is. I don't remember the last time I backed this thing up, but I could check to see what movies I have stored on it. Don't get your hopes up though... I've got lots of romances. They're my favorite.

RHO: Just... try to find something that at least has some action, even if it is a romance.

MACIE: You got it!

[SFX: MACIE clicks and bings their way through the navigation of their projector's operating system.]

RHO: So... Warren. You said he was going to be okay because he's strong. Has something like this happened before?

MACIE: Oh, sure. Plenty of times. He and Atta get it the most because they're the strongest. But they can take it. Oh! Here's one! It's super old, but it's one of my favorites. Have you ever seen "The Mummy?"

RHO: Can't say that I have.

MACIE: Ooooh, yes! This is definitely the one we're watching. It's so good, you don't even know.

[SFX: MACIE begins to type commands into the projector once again, setting it up for viewing.]

MACIE: It's set back in the beginning of the twentieth century - or, you know, some time way back then - and these people bring this really old, ugly guy back to life on accident, and he's got these powers, and they have to kill him before he destroys Earth and sucks the life out of everyone. 

RHO: Sounds promising.

MACIE: It is!

[SFX: More beeps chime from the projector, and the Egyptian-style intro music for the movie begins to play softly.]

MACIE: Okay, so we have the movie picked out. I'm gonna...

[SFX: MACIE grabs a mask from the pile.]

MACIE: I'm gonna do this mask. The stuff on it is pretty slimy and smells, well... interesting. But! It makes my skin feel really soft, and it has... anti-aging properties. See? Says so right here.

RHO: (laughing) You're a little young to be worrying about that, don't you think?

MACIE: Lillian always says… (mimicking Lillian) "You can never start preventative skincare too early."

RHO: What about this one? Do you think it'll be good for me?

MACIE: You can't really go wrong, honestly. But sure! This is a really good one. It's for hydration, which would help you out a lot, I think.

RHO: Hey now!

MACIE: No! That's not what I meant! It gets really dry on board, so that should be really helpful.

RHO: Right. Noted.

[SFX: The Egyptian-style music escalates as the scene transitions to CICELY’s lab back at the Upsilon Facility as footsteps approach.]

INTERN: Cicely?

[SFX: CICELY snaps awake and shuffles through papers on her desk mechanically.]

CICELY: (sharp inhale, groggy) What? Huh?

INTERN: You were falling asleep at your desk.

CICELY: I was? Oh. (growing panicked) Damn it, I haven't even... How many scans have I missed? Gods damn it!

INTERN: Hey, hey, hey... Relax, it's okay. You've got to get some rest.

CICELY: Rest? Rest?! And what do you expect me to do when I'm not prepared for my next debrief with Dr. Amos? Hm? Just walk away a failure and lose everything I've fought for? If I don't get this done, it's not just me out of a job. It's me, you, and everyone else working on this project. Now, if you have any brilliant ideas, feel free to chime in.

INTERN: No, I don't, but--

CICELY: That's right. Because you're just a fucking intern. If I need to forego sleep, you'd better believe that I'm going to do it! Now get out of my space and let me work!

INTERN: Geez, sorry.

[SFX: The INTERN turns to leave, but CICELY realizes quickly that she's out of line.]

CICELY: Hey, wait. Gods, I'm sorry. I'm under a lot of pressure, but that's no excuse for how I just behaved. You are just as valuable as me, and I lashed out like an asshole.

INTERN: Don't worry about it. I understand. But it is three AM. They say even ten minutes can provide restorative sleep without subsequent drowsiness.

CICELY: (sighing) Yeah, maybe you're right.

INTERN: How about I take a whack at going through the last few scans while you get some shuteye? I know what to look for.

CICELY: Yeah... Yeah, I guess.

INTERN: Good. Now, get outta here, even if it's just for a quick break. Promise me you'll try to sleep a little bit?

CICELY: (yawning) Yeah. Promise. I'll be in one of the sleep pods. Come get me if you find anything?


CICELY: Thanks. A lot.

INTERN: Anytime.

[SFX: CICELY rolls her chair back and shuffles out of the lab, her feet dragging underneath her as the INTERN slides into the chair, resuming CICELY's work of painstakingly reviewing scan results.]

[SFX: The familiar Egyptian-style music plays and transports the listener back into RHO’s room as the movie comes to a close.]

MACIE: See? Wasn't that just the best?

RHO: I'll admit, it was a lot better than I thought it would be.

[SFX: MACIE turns the projector off and sighs happily.]

MACIE: What part did you like most?

RHO: Oh, I don't know--

MACIE: My favorite was when Rick yelled at the mummy. You know, when he went all "AHHH!"

RHO: Oh, right. When they first saw it?

MACIE: Yeah, and then the mummy yelled back at him.

RHO: Yeah, that was pretty funny. I liked the ending, when they rode off into the desert sunset, not knowing that they had an entire bag of historical artifacts and treasure slung across the camel's butt.

MACIE: Ooh, when they kissed!

RHO: (laughing) Yes, when they kissed. I love a happy ending.

MACIE: But I thought you didn't like romances.

RHO: (chuckling) I actually do. A lot. Don't tell anyone, okay?

MACIE: Your secret is safe with me! You know, Rick kind of reminds me of Warbly.

RHO: Warren? (amused scoffing) Why, because of his bullheadedness?

MACIE: Well, a little, I guess. I guess it's just... he's strong? I know Warbly can take care of me, y'know? Rick feels the same way. Like he'd make everything okay if things were going wrong.

RHO: Yeah... I can see that.

MACIE: That's why I know he's going to be okay!  Warbly is really strong.

RHO: Yeah, he'll be fine. (beat, stretching) You know what? I'm pretty tired. I think it's time I head to bed. 

MACIE: Aw, really? I was hoping we could watch the second one!

RHO: There's a second one?

MACIE: Yeah! There are three of them, and a whole spin-off franchise about a scorpion human hybrid. They're not as good as the first one, obviously, but--

[SFX: A chime sounds in RHO's quarters, notifying them of a visitor outside the door.]

RHO: Come in!

[SFX: The door slides open, and ATTA stomps in.]

ATTA: Macie, Lillian is calling for you on the bridge.


RHO: Kinda late, isn't it?

ATTA: I don't ask questions.

MACIE: (groaning) I'll patch the call into my room. Same channel as always?

ATTA: Yup.

MACIE: Wellp, I guess that's my exit. We'll watch the second one another time, yeah? Rick awaits us!

RHO: (laughing) Sure.

[SFX: MACIE gathers their belongings as best as they can, items jutting out of their arms awkwardly and threatening to fall to the floor.]

ATTA: Did they make you watch that super old mummy movie? Gods, expand your horizons, kid. Movies are so much better nowadays.

MACIE: The Mummy is perfection, and you know it! Goodnight, Rho-decahedron! Mm… That one needs work.

RHO: Goodnight. Sleep well.

ATTA: 'Night.

[SFX: MACIE and ATTA leave RHO's berth, the door closing quietly behind them.]

RHO: Lights off.

[SFX: The music slows to an ethereal drone, and transitions to RHO’s dream as she sleeps.]

[SFX: PATIENTS, VISITORS, and DOCTORS walk across the tiled flooring of The Facility's lobby, some engaging in light conversation. Their voices are echoed and vague as RHO navigates between them.]

OVERHEAD ANNOUNCER: Thank you for visiting the Upsilon Facility. Please visit the front lobby to check in. We're so glad you're here.

[SFX: RHO walks further into the lobby toward the front desk. Reaching the front desk, a FRONT DESK AGENT greets her with a smile, their best customer service voice front and center.

FRONT DESK AGENT: Hello, and welcome to the Upsilon Facility. May I see your ID, please?

RHO: Yeah, sure.

[SFX: RHO holds her hand over the ID scanner, and it beeps in approval.]

FRONT DESK AGENT: Thank you so much. Let me just get you checked in...

[SFX: The FRONT DESK AGENT types RHO's personal identification details into the system, and it pulls up her files within seconds.]

FRONT DESK AGENT: And there you are! For the purposes of the trial, you've been assigned a pseudonym to protect your identity. From this point forward, you'll be referred to as... Rho. It is very strongly recommended that you only use this name, even when interacting with the other participants.

RHO: That seems a bit... excessive, don't you think?

FRONT DESK AGENT: Oh, Dr. Amos is very interested in protecting the privacy of our trial participants. We want you to feel perfectly and absolutely safe here at the Upsilon Facility.

RHO: ... okay.

JEFFERSON: (from a distance) Oh, my gods. No friggin' way!

[SFX: Rho turns around and sees a good friend and colleague from her early military days. He rushes forward, and they embrace. Their happiness to see each other quickens their words and livens their reactions.]

RHO: Jefferson Hammond! Ha! What in the hell are you doing here?

JEFFERSON: Hey, buddy, how ya doin'? 

RHO: It's been what... 5, 6 years?

JEFFERSON: Oh man, has it been… Yeah, yeah, close to it.

RHO: I'm guessing you got dispatched here as well?

JEFFERSON: Affirmative. (yawning) Taking part in this trial. They giving you as much money as me?

RHO: (laughing) Probably not. Your insanity obviously puts you at a premium. They'll be able to study you for years. 

JEFFERSON: (laughing) You're right about that! Where have you been? How've you been?

RHO: Ah, you know. Same as always. Doing well, uh… never stay in the same place long enough to put down roots.

JEFFERSON: Well, you've never been anything if not consistent.

RHO: Hey, I am not about to break a lifelong tradition of military-bound itinerancy. How about you?

JEFFERSON: You'll never believe this. I actually did settle down. Got myself a wife and everything. Shit, I even got myself 2 dogs and a cat.

RHO: A wife? You? Huh-uh. I'll never believe it.

JEFFERSON: Hand to the gods! She said she'd come visit while I'm here, so I can rub your face in it then. What about you? Did you and what's-his-name ever tie the knot?

RHO: No, unfortunately. It just never worked out. Our lives were too subject to change. Doesn't really make for a healthy relationship, you know?

[SFX: An INTERN in a white lab coat approaches.]

INTERN: Excuse me. You're just getting here, right? The opening presentation is about to start. You can finish checking in once it's over. Please come this way.

[SFX: The two follow the INTERN across the lobby, their shoes clicking on the shiny floor, and into a large conference hall that is mostly empty except for a small group of what can be assumed to be other participants. Everyone is sitting in assigned seats, some chatting quietly.]

JEFFERSON: Already getting us in trouble, I see. Gotta watch out for you.

[SFX: Rho punches Jefferson in the side, and he grunts.]

RHO: Damn straight you do.

JEFFERSON: (playfully) Oooohhhhh, my ribs.

INTERN: You're the last two, so please sit here. Your welcome bags have your name on them.

[SFX: The INTERN departs, and they sit down and pick up their bags, inspecting the items within.]

RHO: Rho. Hm. I guess that's who I am now. Who are you?

JEFFERSON: You can call me Sigma.

RHO: Ooh, how official.

JEFFERSON: I guess it tracks though. Looks like everyone has names from the Greek alphabet. That's weird, right? That they renamed us?

RHO: Oh, hell yeah. Super weird.

[SFX: A door on the far side of the conference hall opens, and a small team of DOCTORS, RESIDENTS, and INTERNS strides in wearing crisp, white lab coats, one of them - a tall, intense-looking man - leading the pack. He walks straight toward the podium in front of them with a bright smile spread across his lips.]

KARL: Welcome, friends, to the Upsilon Facility. We're so glad you're here.

[SFX: DR. AMOS takes a brief pause, and an awkward bout of clapping ensues. Ominous music begins playing quietly in the background.]

KARL: Today, you took one fantastic step towards making the world a better place. Over the next six months, you will provide us with an immense amount of data that will impact human interaction with technology so massively that the world as we know it will be forever changed. 

[SFX: KARL’s speech begins to fade out as the ominous music escalates.]

KARL: My team and I will be spending the next hour with you to explain what the trial will be like, expectations, and...

[SFX: The ominous music fades, and RHO and JEFFERSON leave the conference hall through a doorway. The lobby is still busy with PATIENTS, DOCTORS, and VISITORS, and their conversations fill the space with a gentle hum.]

RHO: You know, for throwing so much information at us over the course of an hour, I can't help but feel like they didn't actually tell us anything.

JEFFERSON: I don't know. I zoned out after the first ten minutes, but I got everything I needed.

RHO: They didn't even tell us what the trial was for or what we'd be doing over the next six months.

JEFFERSON: Ah, that's all I need. We'll be here six months, and I don't have to do anything past basic participation, and they give me three square meals a day. These are dream orders, buddy. Hell, there's even a cafe in the lobby!

RHO: I don't know. Something feels... off.

JEFFERSON: (sighing) Look. I don't know about you, but the last decade has sent me to hell and back again. I'm so close to meeting my full ten years that I'll do just about anything to take me over that final hump.

RHO: I get that, but--

JEFFERSON: Look. We just need to let them do some tests on us. That's all. It'll be the easiest six months of your entire tenure. 

FRONT DESK AGENT: (quietly, from a distance) Excuse me, Rho?

RHO: I guess you have a point...

JEFFERSON: Hell yeah, I have a point! Look, take this as an r and r period. You never know when you'll be forced into conflict again. Even I'm not safe after I meet my ten year requirement. If something big happens, all they have to do is issue an executive order and I'm back in it again, no questions asked, no appeals, do not pass go.

FRONT DESK AGENT: (more loudly) Um, Rho? Sorry, I hate to bother you, but...

JEFFERSON: Looks like someone's trying to get your attention.

RHO: What? Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't gotten used to the new name yet.

[SFX: RHO hurriedly walks over to the front desk, and JEFFERSON follows.]

FRONT DESK AGENT: (cheerfully) Oh, there is nothing to apologize for, Rho. Let's just finish getting you checked in, okay?

RHO: Oh, right. Sure. I am never going to get used to that.

JEFFERSON: What, Rho? I think it fits you. Who knows, maybe six months from now you'll change your name officially. I'm already getting quite partial to Sigma, myself. 

RHO: (chuckling) I doubt it. See you in the cafeteria for lunch?

JEFFERSON: You know it! I'm hoping for prime rib. Aw, what if they have chocolate mousse??

RHO: Yeah, right. Later.

JEFFERSON: Arrivederci, bud!

[SFX: JEFFERSON walks away, and RHO turns back to the front desk.]

RHO: Alright. Sorry about that. Old friend. Where were we?

FRONT DESK AGENT: I've still got your information pulled up, so it's just a matter of finalizing your check-in and giving you your welcome packet.

RHO: Fantastic.

FRONT DESK AGENT: Alright, we've got you all set up in Suite twenty-four thirty-two on the top floor. I didn't tell you this, but it's one of the nicest ones.

RHO: Oh, I bet you tell that to everyone who checks in.

FRONT DESK AGENT: Oh, not at all! It's close enough to the bathrooms on the floor, but not close enough to hear or smell anything... well, unpleasant. It's also closest to the hallway that leads to the cafeteria, so if you plan appropriately, you can be first in line to get the best food. It's also one of the only rooms with the large windows. I mean, everyone has windows, obviously, but the one in your room is massive and actually has a really nice view.

RHO: Well, I'll consider myself lucky then.

FRONT DESK AGENT: Oh! And it's a little bigger than the others since it's on a corner, so you actually have a little sitting area.

RHO: Fancy. Happy to have some creature comforts for the next little bit.

FRONT DESK AGENT: I know! You're so very lucky. Anyway, here's your key. If you could please sign here…

The FRONT DESK AGENT keys final information into the system and offers the table to RHO for her signature.]

FRONT DESK AGENT : And here...

[SFX: Another beep chimes.]

FRONT DESK AGENT: And finally, here.

[SFX: A third and final beep chimes.]

FRONT DESK AGENT: And you’re all set!

RHO: I didn't just sign away my first-born, did I?

FRONT DESK AGENT: (fake laugh) Only for the next six months.

RHO: Oh. Well... Okay then.

FRONT DESK AGENT: Your room is located through that hallway to the left. At the end of that hallway are the elevators. Just hop in there, ride to the top floor, and then follow the signs to your room number. 

RHO: Got it. Thanks.

FRONT DESK AGENT: Oh, and Rho, if you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask!

RHO: Will do!

[SFX: RHO hoists her bag on her shoulder and walks away from the front desk only to be interrupted by a somewhat harried INTERN.]


RHO: Yes?

INTERN: I know you just checked in, but we're moving pretty quickly through everyone's physicals. You're up next.

RHO: Wow. Efficient. Uh, do I have time to put my bags away?

[SFX: Ominous music begins to play in the background.]

INTERN: You can bring them with you. You just have the bag you're carrying and this rolling suitcase here, right?

RHO: Yeah, that's it. 

INTERN: Okay, great. Follow me, and we'll get started. The office is just over this way.

[SFX: The INTERN walks off, RHO following close behind, and the ominous music escalates until a new dream - this time one that is foggy, distorted and incomplete - begins. There is a struggle, items are getting thrown around, and RHO is being held down by unknown parties as she breathes heavily and moans.]

UNKNOWN VOICE 1: Hold her down! Get the restraints!

[SFX: RHO screams more as she is thrust onto a gurney and presumably secured to it via straps or cuffs. An object is thrust into her mouth as a gag.]

UNKNOWN VOICE 2: Get the strap over her forehead!

[SFX: RHO continues to fight, her agitation and terror growing by the second.]

RHO: No!

AUTOMATED VOICE: Sequence initiated.

[SFX: Suddenly, the yelling, struggling, and panic stops, and all other sounds are drowned out by the buzzing of electricity flow. ]

[SFX: The dream ends, but RHO is still in it, her room pulsating around her as she struggles to wake. The door to her room slides open, and GARYN runs in.]

RHO: No, no!

GARYN: Rho! Wake up!

RHO: No... NO!

[SFX: The door opens again, and this time ATTA rushes in and pushes GARYN out of the way.]

ATTA: Out of the way, old man!

GARYN: Atta, no!

ATTA: One more minute of this, and she's gonna to tear the whole ship apart! I don't know about you, but I'm not too keen on becoming a meat popsicle.

GARYN: (short beat) Try not to hurt her.

[SFX: ATTA straddles RHO on her bed and raises her arm, throwing it down as strongly as she can against the side of RHO's face.]

ATTA: Wake. UP!

[SFX: RHO snaps out of her dream, from one terror and directly into another one. She is restrained, in pain, and confused.]

RHO: No! Get off!

ATTA: (through gritted teeth) Get yourself together, girlie.

[SFX: RHO's breathing escalates exponentially. Suddenly, she finds a space of seeming clarity, and everything slows down, as if the world has been dipped into a bowl of molasses.]

RHO: (calmly) Get off of me.

[SFX: Suddenly, RHO tosses ATTA off of her as if she's a piece of paper, slamming her against the wall, the metal buckling behind her on impact.]

ATTA’S SUIT: Weapons systems inactive.

GARYN: Atta?! Rho, stop!

[SFX: Something in GARYN's voice and seeing ATTA slumped against the far wall brings RHO back to reality.]

RHO: Oh gods... I did it again.

GARYN: Holy hell, woman...

RHO: I'm sorry. I -- I don't know what happened.

GARYN: That was a helluva dream.

RHO: I was dreaming?

GARYN: Sure as hell seemed like it. Help me get her to medbay. Now.

RHO: Okay.

[SFX: The warning alarms fade as the episode comes to a close.]

[SFX: Outro music plays while the closing credits run.]

SHOWRUNNER: You have just been listening to Spectre, an indie, sci-fi, audio drama podcast. I'm Stef Howerton, the creator and showrunner, and I am so glad that you chose to spend some time with us today. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate it if you could rate and review Spectre on your podcast platform of choice. It’s a really great and easy way to help new listeners find the show, and the more people who listen, the more we can do in future episodes. This episode featured the voice talents of myself, Stef Howerton, as Rho, David S. Dear as Garyn Beikirch, Tal Minear as Macie Vincent, Newton Schottelkotte as Atalanta Harris, Karim Kronfli as Dr. Karl Amos, Lindsay Zana as Dr. Cicely Bennett, Justin Reighard as Jefferson Hammond, Jennifer Trela as the Front Desk Agent, and Emily Summers as the Overhead Announcer. Sound Design by Brad Colbroock, and Music by Tim Rosko. For a written list of credits and a full script of this episode, please visit spectrepod.com - that's s-p-e-c-t-r-e-pod.com. You can also chat with us on Twitter or Instagram via the handle @spectrepod. Thank you so much again for spending part of your day with us. There are a plethora of great podcasts to listen to out there, and I'm so honored that you opted to listen to Spectre. Have an absolutely wonderful day.

Justin ReighardProfile Photo

Justin Reighard

It started on Saturday mornings when Justin (He/Him) was 5, watching cartoons, imitating the characters on screen, and inventing stories for friends to act out. Naturally, he fell in love with acting and voiceover once college came around. Besides voiceover work and audiobooks, Justin hosts his own podcast, and when not working the MIC you'll find him smoking BBQ or hanging out with his best friend, a German Shepherd named Nein.

Emily SummersProfile Photo

Emily Summers


Emily Summers (She/Her) is a singer, songwriter, and actor based in Nashville, TN. Emily grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and is a graduate of Belmont University’s songwriting program. Some of Emily’s favorite roles of late include Elizabeth in If/Then and Janet in The Rocky Horror Show (both with Circle Players), and Cathy in The Last Five Years (with Hendersonville Performing Arts Company). Her original music is available on all streaming and downloading services. You can view more at emilysummersmusic.com.

Jennifer TrelaProfile Photo

Jennifer Trela


Jennifer (She/Her) is Stef's sister and a nursing student at Marian University. She is skilled in the arts like her sister and paints, writes on her blog (A Little More Juju), and enjoys other various avenues of creative self-expression in her free time. You might also see her giving nose boops and scritches to her two kitties, Ramses and Mushroom.

Newton SchottelkotteProfile Photo

Newton Schottelkotte

Atalanta "Atta" Harris

Newton (They/Them) is a writer, sound designer, actor, and more! A Commercial Songwriting and Film student in the Nashville area, they are the creator of the audio dramas Inkwyrm and Where the Stars Fell. You can find them feeding their fancy notebook obsession, trying to be funny on Twitter, and on their website.

Lindsay ZanaProfile Photo

Lindsay Zana

Dr. Cicely Bennett

Lindsay (She/Her) is a voice actor and singer currently located in LA, with a passion for Shakespeare, musicals, and tales of grand adventure. When she's not emoting behind a microphone, she can be found playing D&D, singing with Top Shelf Vocal, or binging shows with her partner and pup. You can find out more about her and her work at lindsayzana.com.

Karim KronfliProfile Photo

Karim Kronfli

Dr. Karl Amos

Karim (He/Him) has been a professional performer for over 25 years originally working as a juggler and firebreather. With plays, and film added to his professional repertoire Karim now loves directing as much as performing. Trained at City Lit in London he eventually got introduced to working behind the microphone at BFBS. Specialising in audio drama he has appeared in several shows such as Unseen, What’s the Frequency, The Magnus Archives, SCP Archives, Liberty: Tales From the Tower, and many more.

Aubryn StevensProfile Photo

Aubryn Stevens


Aubryn (She/Her) is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. With a BFA in Theater Arts and a minor in music from Stephens College, Aubryn moved to Nashville from San Diego, CA and since then has established a strong local presence via her online show web show, Aubryn’s Musiconversation, which is now in its fifth year and features a different musical guest every week. Aubryn recently won 1st and 2nd place in the San Diego Songwriter's Guild Song Competition with two songs off her debut album, 1st place at the San Diego County Fair Singer/Songwriter Competition, and was a 2015 Kerrville Folk Festival finalist in the New Folk Competition. Learn more about her on her website.

Tal MinearProfile Photo

Tal Minear

Macie Vincent

Tal (They/Them) is a SoCal-based podcaster who cannot be stopped from making things. Tal is the producer of Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, and Someone Dies In This Elevator, and is working on several upcoming projects for Parazonium Podcasts and The Shadow Network. Their voice can also be heard in audio fiction shows such as The Path Down, Deconstructive Criticism, Arden, and Inn Between. Follow them on Twitter @starplanes and find more of their work at talminear.com.

David S. DearProfile Photo

David S. Dear

Garyn Beikirch

David S. Dear (He/Him) has appeared in over 20 audio dramas and is the creator/producer of A Ninth World Journal as well as the co-creator/co-producer of the comedy Deconstructive Criticism. He has also narrated over 30 audiobooks which are available on Audible. When not writing or voice acting he hangs with his wife and two canine kids and hobnobs with family.

Stef HowertonProfile Photo

Stef Howerton

Creator & Showrunner, Rho

A native Nashvillian, Stef Howerton (She/Her) has devoted much of her life to the pursuit of artistic creation. With studies in New York for Musical Theatre and a Bachelors in Opera from Belmont University, the arts are home to her, a respite from the sometimes harsh realities of the world. She has played The Baker's Wife in Into the Woods, Madame de la Grande Bouche in Beauty and the Beast, and she also has voiced roles in Apollyon and Boom by Observer Pictures and plays DV1 Vicki Allen and Dr. Monroe in Boston Harbor Horror by Asylum 94. When not creating or performing, Stef is likely working as an Enterprise Project Manager, cuddling with her pups (Cupcake and Nelson), playing Mass Effect on her Xbox, or consuming films at a rate that some might deem unhealthy.

In addition to creating and running SPECTRE, Stef also voices Rho.