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July 3, 2022

1.04 \\ Claws the Size of My Arm

The crew goes on a very hush-hush mission, Rho attempts to understand more of her past and her surprising abilities, and Karl crosses a line. The stakes are high, and blood will be spilt.

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Cast (in order of appearance):

Aubryn Stevens -- Automated Voice
Stef Howerton -- Rho
Newton Schottelkotte -- Atta Harris
David Ault -- Edward Whitlaw
Tal Minear -- Macie Vincent
Marcus Rothenberg -- Grape
Allen Chan -- Warren Lee
Stephanie Tobin -- Captain Lillian Dunne
David S. Dear -- Garyn Beikirch
Karim Kronfli -- Dr. Karl Amos
Lindsay Zana -- Dr. Cicely Bennett

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[SFX: An unknown person walks around a room and begins playing back a voicemail, the start signalled by a faint beep.]

AUTOMATED VOICE: You have one new message, sent yesterday at 23:14.

RHO: Hey, it’s me. I’m leaving the unit. I can’t really give any details obviously, but I’ve been reassigned. Some sort of trial. Hell, even I don’t know what it is. So... I’m calling because... well, because of my reassignment, I won’t be calling you anymore. I mean, I can say that I’ll try to call, but we both know how that goes. I’d rather not make any absolute statements or promises that I probably can’t keep. It doesn’t even matter though, does it? It’s been months. Why am I letting you know why you won’t be hearing from me when you failed to provide me the same courtesy? I guess this is for me. To make sure I don’t do to anyone what you did to me. To your family. To everyone. It was really shitty, you know that right? To just... disappear. 

[SFX: Emotional music begins to play in the background while the unknown person listening to the voicemail moves around their room, moving various items and listening to the message.]

RHO: To take an assignment and not give anyone any sort of a heads up. How selfish do you have to be– I’m sorry. That’s not fair. I’m not calling to yell at you. I know you have responsibilities just like I do. It’s just... hard, you know. I miss you so much. And not knowing anything - whether you’ve been hurt, killed, you could have even found someone new... It’s hard. And I waffle between anger and sadness stupid-rapidly all the time. You’d think after 8 months, I’d have a better handle on my emotions or even the situation as a whole, but I don’t. I’m a mess. An utter fucking mess. And now I have to leave. And you won’t be able to find me if you come back. But at least you’ll have this, right? You’ll know that... I’ll always wait for you... That I think about you constantly, and that I love you. It’s really important to me that you know that. Anyway. I’ve gotta go. It’s almost midnight, and I need to pack and try to get at least a little sleep before briefing at 0600 tomorrow. I’ve been in this temp room on the base for the last couple of weeks, so I don’t have much, and they’ve also said that I won’t need anything where I’m going. One of those all-inclusive sort of deals, I guess. Gods, this is so stupid! I should know where you are. What you’re doing. Something. Anything. Know that I’m choosing to believe that you’re alive, happy, healthy, and kicking ass on some amazing undercover mission that’s changing the galaxy... or even the whole goddamned universe. So... bye, I guess. I’ll talk to you later... I hope. I love you.

[SFX: The voicemail ends with a ding.]

AUTOMATED VOICE: You have no more new messages.

[SFX: The call disconnects, and the unknown person leaves the room.]

[SFX: The theme music plays fully, beginning with a haunting, dark humming that escalates into an electronic melody with a surging arpeggio that pushes the tempo forward. It ends in a fade, punctuated by a high-tone chord that reverberates into silence.]

ATTA: Then let’s go without ‘em.

EDWARD: We’ll have to unfortunately, but that means either Grape or Macie will need to be in charge of the ship while we’re out.

MACIE: Ooh, ok! We can do it together!

GRAPE: I see no problem with this.

EDWARD: It also means that we’ll be without medical support for the mission and down one set of hands.

WARREN: Between the three of us, we should be okay.

ATTA: Agreed. The payload should be pretty easy to grab.

EDWARD: Alright, decision made then. Atta, what is our strategy?

ATTA: I thought you’d never ask, darling.

[SFX: ATTA taps a few commands on the main display. A rudimentary schematic pops up on the screen.]

ATTA: So this door here at the top left, that’s our entry point. We’ll need to monitor from a distance to make sure, but my initial surveillance suggests that it’s relatively unguarded. Maybe 2 or 3 guards posted outside. Easily neutralized with one of my Sleepy-time canisters. 

WARREN: Any windows or other spots for sharpshooters?

ATTA: None. There’s a potential spot up on the roof, but I haven't seen any activity since we arrived.

EDWARD: We’ll still need to keep an eye on it. 

ATTA: Already noted in the briefing documents. 

WARREN: And acknowledged. I’ll monitor as we approach.

[SFX: ATTA continues her strategy explanation, and each time she touches the screen, a small beep or whoosh is heard.]

ATTA: After we force our way through the entrance, we’ll need to head to the right down this hallway, left here, and then here, this room. That’s where the payload should be. We’ll be looking for a crate of some sort - size is variable - with a fleur de lis printed on it. No other physical identifiers.

WARREN: Do you have any intel on what’s waiting for us inside the facility?

ATTA: Not much. With a facility this size, I don’t imagine there will be a ton of resistance, but I don’t want to say that and get blamed if we meet a ton of people inside.

EDWARD: Well, luckily, our client was able to give us basic numbers and details. Granted, that information is quite outdated - I highly doubt the pass code they provided will still work - but it’s something at least.

MACIE: If you want to hook into their systems when you get there, I can do a bit of digging into their surveillance cameras if they have any. That could give us some visibility on what's going on inside.

EDWARD: Hopefully, we won’t need that, but we’ll keep you posted. Okay, that’s it then. Everyone, report to the Launch Bay, T minus thirty minutes.


[SFX: ATTA and WARREN leave the bridge, the door opening and closing to signal their departure.]

MACIE: Eddy?

EDWARD: Yes, Macie?

MACIE: Anything Grape and I should be doing here while you’re out?

EDWARD: Just make sure the ship stays in one piece. And check in on Garyn and Rho every once in a while.

GRAPE: We should be able to manage that.

MACIE: Oh, absolutely! It’ll be fun, won’t it, Grape?

GRAPE: I’m not convinced “fun” is the right word.

EDWARD: Any other questions?

GRAPE: Nothing at this time, sir.

EDWARD: Okay, head on out. I’ve got some stuff to do to prep for deployment.

MACIE: Aye aye, Eddy! Come on, Grapey-poo.

[SFX: GRAPE and MACIE walk out of the bridge as MACIE chatters away. The bridge door opens, and GRAPE and MACIE exit.]

MACIE: We can make a game of it! We’ll have a great time! First, you and I can… 

[SFX: The bridge door closes, dampening GRAPE and MACIE's conversation.]

MACIE: … set up a schedule of rounds. We’ll have to compare notes and see what our favorite…

[SFX: EDWARD issues a few commands on his personal terminal.]

EDWARD: Spectre, open a secure line to Lillian.

[SFX: A confirmation tone sounds as the Spectre’s rudimentary AI opens the line. A tone plays as the connection is secured, and then the line opens.]

LILLIAN: Lillian.

EDWARD: Lillian, Edward. How are you?

LILLIAN: Oh, you know how it is. Hobnobbing with the elite might seem like a right jolly time, but if I have to talk with one more pompous blowhard with a vendetta against the free market, I might just tell them what I actually think.

EDWARD: I’m sure you’ll be the epitome of class and tact as always.

LILLIAN: I’ll try. What’s our status on the Finch-Aphelion Center?

EDWARD: We’re orbiting above the planet. There were a few minor setbacks, but we’re on schedule to set off in around 45 minutes. ETA is 2 hours.

LILLIAN: Setbacks?

EDWARD: Nothing to worry about. I can fill you in on everything once we’re back. Atta prepped us just a moment ago, and we’re hoping to use the information provided by the client to gain entry and passage.

LILLIAN: I wouldn’t bank on that information being 100% current.

EDWARD: We’re not. We have Macie on standby to hack into their systems if we need it, but hopefully, it’ll be a quick in and out process.

LILLIAN: Good. I’ll expect a full report upon your return. 

EDWARD: Yes, ma’am.

LILLIAN: As an added caveat, the client has stressed to me the importance that this cargo not be damaged in the slightest. Not even a scratch, do you understand?

EDWARD: Understood. Payload will be considered fragile.

LILLIAN: Okay, I’m off. Bureaucracy waits for no one. Be careful.

EDWARD: We always are.

LILLIAN: I mean it. In and out. No need for any collateral damage.

EDWARD: Understood. Edward out.

[SFX: The call disconnects.]

[SFX: EDWARD, ATTA, and WARREN are outside the Finch-Aphelion Center, and sounds of the surrounding forest – i.e., birds, insects, etc. – fill the air as the three, flanking three sides of the main structure, prepare for their approach.]

EDWARD: Alright, everyone, sound off.

ATTA: (over comms) I have a visual on two external guards.

WARREN: (over comms) I’ve got two more on my side. Drone shows nothing on the roof or the rear.

EDWARD: Only one here to the South.

ATTA: (over comms) Any idea why this so-called “Center” is out in the middle of damn nowhere?

WARREN: (over comms) The further away from civilization you are, the more private you can be, I guess. Easier to control surroundings.

ATTA: (over comms) This is sort of overkill though, isn’t it? Not anything else for hundreds of kilometers around.

EDWARD: It does make me wonder what sort of cargo we’re picking up, especially since Lillian gave us the order to retrieve the payload at all costs.

WARREN: (over comms) What was it that she said about it being fragile?

EDWARD: No damage. Not even a scratch.

ATTA: (over comms) We better have tacked on an extra charge for that.

EDWARD: Lillian didn’t say. But knowing her, it’s sorted.

WARREN: (quietly, over comms) Hey guys, I have some activity over here. Anything happening over there?

[SFX: A fly buzzes around EDWARD, and a creature can be heard roaring in the distance.]

ATTA: (over comms) Negative. My two are posted up against the wall outside the door. No movement.

EDWARD: Same here.

WARREN: Both of mine are heading out, towards me, weapons up. I don’t think they’re coming after me, but they’re definitely headed in my direction. Something has them spooked.

EDWARD: Maintain your position. Play it safe, and do not engage unless absolutely necessary. We have orders to be as low-conflict as possible.

[SFX: Ominous music begins to play in the background.]

WARREN: Aye. One of them is hanging back while the other advances. They're looking somewhere behind -- Wait a minute.

[SFX: WARREN’s line stops broadcasting, and the few seconds of tense silence that follow are splintered by rapid laser bursts from a distance.[

EDWARD: Warren? Report!

[SFX: A creature roars, and the guards scream as additional shots are fired, and the scene suddenly transitions back to the Spectre.]

[SFX: Medical machinery beeps consistently in the Spectre Medbay. Suddenly, RHO gasps as she regains consciousness. Once again, she is tethered to numerous machines that monitor her vitals, only this time she doesn’t appear to be handcuffed to the bed.]

RHO: Ugh, great. Medbay again. At least they don’t have me in restraints this time. Heart monitor... Blood pressure... Neural activity. They really do have a full setup here. (beat) Wait, what happened? Why am I in here?

[SFX: Similar to the previous incident, items from around the room begin to shake, and RHO’s breathing picks up.]

RHO: Shit, that's right. I lost control. Oh Gods... Garyn. Where is he?

[SFX: The shaking intensifies. Rho doesn't notice it, but the medbay door opens, and GRAPE enters.]

RHO: No, not again. Control it. Breathe.

[SFX: RHO calms her breathing, and the shaking stops.]

GRAPE: Do you talk to yourself often?

[SFX: RHO jumps in her bed, wires straining against the machinery. Her heart rate picks up slightly.]

RHO: Gods, you scared me! (short beat) Grape, I presume?

GRAPE: Yes. How did you know?

RHO: Lucky guess.

GRAPE: Doubtful. I imagine someone told you there was a non-human named Grape on board. Being that I am not human, you could have easily inferred that I am the referenced "Grape."

RHO: Yeah, okay... Where is Garyn? Is he okay?

GRAPE: Garyn is resting in his berth. Macie and I are monitoring the ship while the rest of the crew is on a mission.

RHO: That’s not what I asked. Is he okay?

GRAPE: He has some nasty bumps and bruises, but nothing too serious.

RHO: Thank Gods. I thought the worst.

GRAPE: Your Gods had little to do with it, but I’m sure Garyn appreciates the concern and goodwill. (short beat) So do you?

RHO: Do what?

GRAPE: Talk to yourself often.

RHO: I don't make a habit of it. I think. You know what, I don’t know.

GRAPE: That answer is vague.

RHO: Yes. Yes, it is.

GRAPE: Was the damage you caused intentional?

RHO: I’m sorry, what?

GRAPE: You broke equipment and caused Garyn physical harm. Was it your intention to do so?

RHO: Of course not! I didn’t mean to do any of that.

GRAPE: (abruptly) Okay. Are you in pain?

RHO: Um, I mean, I’m okay... I feel almost normal, honestly.

[SFX: RHO begins to fumble with the wires.]

GRAPE: Please don't touch those. We cannot remove them until Garyn is able to tend to you.

RHO: (sighing) Okay...

[SFX: RHO stops messing with the wires. Another awkward silence follows, filled only by sparse machinery beeps and whirs.]

RHO: So... Grape, is it? 

GRAPE: Yes. It is.

RHO: Macie was the one who told me about you. Apparently, you’re “great.”

GRAPE: Macie is biased, but yes. I have many positive qualities.

RHO: (chuckling) Your honesty is refreshing.

GRAPE: Why would I be anything but honest?

RHO: You wouldn’t, I guess. What do you do on board?

GRAPE: I am the Chief Horticulture and Sustenance Specialist.

RHO: Sounds important.

GRAPE: Without my expertise, everyone on this ship would starve to death.

RHO: So it is important then.

GRAPE: I am inclined to agree.

RHO: What do we use here? Hydroponics?

GRAPE: Partly, yes. Seeds must first be germinated, but that process never really ends due to the celerity of--

[SFX: A large vibration lurches through the ship, knocking GRAPE off of their feet. Medical equipment crashes around the room, and RHO’s bed knocks against a wall.]

RHO: Shit! Are you alright? What was that??

GRAPE: (getting up) I don’t know. Stay here.

RHO: Well, it’s not like I could get up with all of these wires anyway...

GRAPE: Yes, please don't remove those.

[SFX: A call patches in over the comms system.]

EDWARD: (over comms) Grape! Macie! Get Garyn to the medbay and get a bed ready! Now!

GRAPE: Macie, I’m in the medbay now and will prep the bed. You fetch Garyn.

MACIE: (over comms) Copy!

[SFX: GARYN springs to action prepping the bed, running the autoclave for sterilization of utensils, and clearing the area of clutter.]

RHO: What’s happening?

GRAPE: It appears the mission did not go as planned.

RHO: Someone’s hurt?

GRAPE: Edward would not have asked for a bed if someone wasn’t.

RHO: What can I do?

GRAPE: Nothing. Stay in your bed, please.

[SFX: ATTA’s heavy footsteps can be heard approaching from down the hallway. The door to the medbay opens, and she crashes inward, the majority of WARREN’s weight leaning on her as she drags him inside. His breathing rattles in his throat, and he looks to be within an inch of death, slashed from head to toe and covered in his own blood.]

ATTA: Out of the way! Where’s Garyn?

GRAPE: He’s on his way. What happened?

[SFX: EDWARD runs in closely behind ATTA, and the door closes behind him as ATTA places WARREN on the bed.]

EDWARD: We ran into some unexpected complications.

ATTA: I checked out the area, Ed. I never saw one of those... things. Not a single one.

EDWARD: Atta, now’s not the time. Grape, where is Garyn?

GRAPE: On his way. 

[SFX: EDWARD turns on his comms unit.]


MACIE: (over comms, labored) Almost there. Coming fast as we can.

EDWARD: Warren, how are you feeling?

WARREN: (weakly, pained) Ducky.

EDWARD: That’s it. Stay with us, okay? Garyn’s almost here.

WARREN: He’s not a magician, Ed. You know as well as I do--

[SFX: The door opens again, and GARYN and MACIE limp through slowly.]

ATTA: Shut up, you idiot.

MACIE: (strained) Warbly’s not an idiot.

EDWARD: Finally. He was attacked by some sort of wild animal.

ATTA: Lots of claws and teeth.

GARYN: Ok, everyone back up. Get out of here. Let me work.

MACIE: Want me to stay and help out, Gar?

GARYN: (to MACIE) Please. (to Edward) Get Rho out of here too.

GRAPE: But the wires...

GARYN: Take them off. She’s fine.

EDWARD: Rho, how do you feel?

[SFX: GARYN grunts in annoyance.]

RHO: (tentatively) ... Fine?

GARYN: See? She’s fine. Out. Now.

[SFX: EDWARD and GRAPE disconnect the wires, and everyone makes their way out of the medbay to give GARYN the space he needs to assist WARREN.]

[SFX: EDWARD, GRAPE, and RHO sit at one of the tables in the mess hall, nervously waiting for news on WARREN's condition. ATTA stands at the counter, making libations for her crewmates. The air is tense with anxiety as they rifle through the possibilities of the horror that befell their team member. While the conversation continues ATTA pours everyone a shot of her favorite scotch and carries the glasses and handle, all clinking against each other, to the table.]

RHO: So what happened? What was it that attacked Warren?

EDWARD: I don’t know. But it was big. He had no chance.

ATTA: Hell, I wouldn't've even stood a chance in my suit. Would’a tore right through the armor. Scotch?

EDWARD: Yes, please.

RHO: Gods, yes.

[SFX: ATTA slides three glasses individually to her crewmates, and RHO, EDWARD, and GRAPE cushion the glass cups with their hands to stop them from sliding further. ATTA takes the full shot and swiftly inhales as it burns down her throat. She immediately begins to pour herself another shot.]

GRAPE: (taking a sip) What did it look like?

EDWARD: Neither of us got a close look at it. 

ATTA: Only saw that it was covered in scales and fur. Looked mean. Angry.

EDWARD: And it had claws the size of my arm.

ATTA: I'd say they were the size of my suit's arm!

RHO: Didn't you all have body cams or something?

EDWARD: We're not that sophisticated, unfortunately.

ATTA: I could see if my suit recorded anything.

GRAPE: I doubt that finding out what attacked him exactly will help.

ATTA: It'd help me find it later so I can kill it and mount its head on my wall.

[SFX: GRAPE stands up from their seat.]

GRAPE: I would like a snack too. Does anyone want anything while I'm up?

RHO: (to GRAPE) I'm good, thanks.  (to EDWARD and ATTA) He wasn't showing any other signs of trauma? Just the physical damage, right? What if the claws were poisonous?

ATTA: (to RHO) Don't think so. He'd probably be dead if that were the case. (to GRAPE) Grape, I could go for some strawberries.

GRAPE: They're not ready.

ATTA: Still?

GRAPE: Still. I don't know that they're safe for human consumption yet.

ATTA: I'll be your test subject.

GRAPE: Fine, but it's your funeral if they kill you.

ATTA: Just space my cadaver. No service necessary. I'll have died a happy woman.

[SFX: GRAPE saunters to the other end of the kitchen as they pick a handful of strawberries.]

EDWARD: (to RHO) Garyn will take care of him, Rho. He's the best, and he's seen much worse than this.

(to GRAPE) I'm actually going to get myself a beer if that's alright.

GRAPE: (approaching the table) Help yourself. It's been brewing long enough.

[SFX: EDWARD gets up to get his own glass of beer. The Spectre is outfitted with its own home-brewing system, and EDWARD makes sure that it always supplies him with his favorite: a dark, dry stout. As the conversation continues, he pulls a frozen mug from a nearby freezer and fills it with his beloved stout and walks back to the table.]

EDWARD: Atta, I'd not even thought to ask. Did you find it? The payload with the fleur de lis?

[The door to the mess hall opens.]

ATTA: Oh, I found it alright. When I'm good, I'm good.

[SFX: MACIE joins the crew in the mess hall. They look wan, exhausted and worried by they day's events, but there's a spark of indignation in their eyes.]

MACIE: Hey, now. I helped!

ATTA: That you did, little whippersnapper. Couldn't'a done it without ya.

RHO: What are you talking about?

ATTA: Well, we didn't go down there just to smell some flowers.

EDWARD: We had a large box that we had to retrieve. Lillian's orders. 

RHO: A box? Of what?

ATTA: Dunno. I do as I'm told.

EDWARD: (laughing) Like hell you do!

GRAPE: (to ATTA) Here are your strawberries.

[SFX: GRAPE sets a bowl on the table, and ATTA snatches them up greedily, shoving at least three to four strawberries in her mouth. MACIE sits down with everyone, and GRAPE rejoins the group in their own seat.]

EDWARD: Rho, we don't know what's in the box. That's for Lillian to tell us if she deems it necessary.

ATTA: (blissfully, mouth full) Good Gods, I needed this.

MACIE: Boy, was it heavy, though! Atta could barely hold it up even with her suit on! Ooh, can I have one of those?

[SFX: MACIE reaches over the table, and ATTA slaps it away.]


ATTA: (mouth full) Uh-uh! These are mine! You'll have to talk to Grape about getting your own. But Macie's right. The damn box nearly broke one of my shoulder joints!

GRAPE: I'll get some for you, Macie.

MACIE: Thank you, Grapey-poo!

EDWARD: Even so, good work. I assume it's in the cargo bay?

MACIE: Uh-huh! Atta loaded it up right before you got to the emergency shuttle with Warbly.

EDWARD: Excellent.

[SFX: There is a pregnant pause as everyone's thoughts are directed back to their friend fighting for his life in the medbay. MACIE puts what everyone is feeling into words. Emotional music faintly plays in the background.]

MACIE: (beat) He's going to be okay, right?

GRAPE: Yes, Macie. Warren will be fine.

[SFX: There is another brief pause before ATTA breaks the tension.]

ATTA: Okay, Grape, so these strawberries... I've got some notes.

[SFX: The scene fades from the mess hall to DR. AMOS’ office. A clock ticks incessantly, and ominous music plays in the background. KARL slams his fists onto his desk. Cicely gasps in surprise.]

KARL: (enraged) They what?!

CICELY: They got it. One of them was pretty badly wounded by a wild vraluid, but they got it.

KARL: So they somehow broke into our remote data center and pinpointed the exact server that housed all of our critical, highly sensitive data and left with it without any interference on our part?


KARL: And they also hacked into our security system and deleted all of the CCTV footage so we can't possibly know who it was that did this?

CICELY: Yes, Dr. Amos. The facility was never designed for any sort of defense. It's incredibly remote, and we never keep more than a handful of staff on-hand at any given time. We've never had any reason to bolster its security. I mean, shit, only a dozen people even know it exists.

KARL: (restrained fury) I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment.

CICELY: Of course I do. I don’t understand how they even knew where--

KARL: The how is not what’s important. We need to understand the why.

CICELY: I know, but--

KARL: Lift the live recall. If the asset is damaged irreparably, we’ll make do and gather what data we can. Start over if needed. Recovery agents have approval for shoot to kill.

CICELY: Karl, that’s--

KARL: Do it.



CICELY: Yes, sir. 

[SFX: The scene ends, and the closing credits begin to run.]

SHOWRUNNER: You have just been listening to Spectre, an indie, sci-fi, audio drama podcast. I'm Stef Howerton, the creator and showrunner, and I am so glad that you chose to spend some time with us today. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate it if you could rate and review Spectre on your podcast platform of choice. It’s a really great and easy way to help new listeners find the show, and the more people who listen, the more we can do in future episodes. This episode featured the voice talents of myself, Stef Howerton, as Rho, Allen Chan as Warren Lee, David Ault as Edward Whitlaw, David S. Dear as Garyn Beikirch, Tal Minear as Macie Vincent, Newton Schottelkotte as Atalanta Harris, Stephanie Tobin as Lillian Dunne, Marcus Rothenberg as Grape, Karim Kronfli as Dr. Karl Amos, Lindsay Zana as Dr. Cicely Bennett, and Aubryn Stevens as the Automated Voice. Sound Design by Brad Colbroock, and Music by Tim Rosko. For a written list of credits and a full script of this episode, please visit spectrepod.com - that's s-p-e-c-t-r-e-pod.com. You can also chat with us on Twitter or Instagram via the handle @spectrepod. Thank you so much again for spending part of your day with us. There are a plethora of great podcasts to listen to out there, and I'm so honored that you opted to listen to Spectre. Have an absolutely wonderful day.

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Stef Howerton

Creator & Showrunner, Rho

A native Nashvillian, Stef Howerton (She/Her) has devoted much of her life to the pursuit of artistic creation. With studies in New York for Musical Theatre and a Bachelors in Opera from Belmont University, the arts are home to her, a respite from the sometimes harsh realities of the world. She has played The Baker's Wife in Into the Woods, Madame de la Grande Bouche in Beauty and the Beast, and she also has voiced roles in Apollyon and Boom by Observer Pictures and plays DV1 Vicki Allen and Dr. Monroe in Boston Harbor Horror by Asylum 94. When not creating or performing, Stef is likely working as an Enterprise Project Manager, cuddling with her pups (Cupcake and Nelson), playing Mass Effect on her Xbox, or consuming films at a rate that some might deem unhealthy.

In addition to creating and running SPECTRE, Stef also voices Rho.

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David Ault

First Mate Edward Whitlaw

David (He/Him) is a voice actor from North Yorkshire, UK. He started voice acting with Darker Projects in 2005, moving through The Byron Chronicles, Pendant Audio, Colonial Radio Theatre to modern-day antics with Fool & Scholar, the NoSleep Podcast team, and Shadows at the Door: The Podcast. He's a big fan of tea, ghosts and astronomy, and can be found online at DavidAult on Twitter, or www.davidault.co.uk.

David S. DearProfile Photo

David S. Dear

Garyn Beikirch

David S. Dear (He/Him) has appeared in over 20 audio dramas and is the creator/producer of A Ninth World Journal as well as the co-creator/co-producer of the comedy Deconstructive Criticism. He has also narrated over 30 audiobooks which are available on Audible. When not writing or voice acting he hangs with his wife and two canine kids and hobnobs with family.

Allen ChanProfile Photo

Allen Chan

Warren Lee

Allen Chan (He/Him) is a voice actor based out of California. You can hear his voice in multiple visual novels and podcasts: When We Were Monsters, A Forsaken Place, Play Dead!, Sierra Ops, Space Yandere, PENTHOS, and more! For more information, please visit his website.

Tal MinearProfile Photo

Tal Minear

Macie Vincent

Tal (They/Them) is a SoCal-based podcaster who cannot be stopped from making things. Tal is the producer of Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, and Someone Dies In This Elevator, and is working on several upcoming projects for Parazonium Podcasts and The Shadow Network. Their voice can also be heard in audio fiction shows such as The Path Down, Deconstructive Criticism, Arden, and Inn Between. Follow them on Twitter @starplanes and find more of their work at talminear.com.

Stephanie TobinProfile Photo

Stephanie Tobin

Captain Lillian Dunne

Stephanie (She/Her) is an Aussie voice actor based in London, celebrated for her versatile voice and love of storytelling. Also known under the pseudonym ‘Stephanie Swan Quills’, if she’s not streaming on Twitch or writing stories, she’s off adventuring in a D&D game. A passionate performer with a drive to share her voice with the world, Stephanie is honoured to be part of this incredibly talented crew!

Aubryn StevensProfile Photo

Aubryn Stevens


Aubryn (She/Her) is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. With a BFA in Theater Arts and a minor in music from Stephens College, Aubryn moved to Nashville from San Diego, CA and since then has established a strong local presence via her online show web show, Aubryn’s Musiconversation, which is now in its fifth year and features a different musical guest every week. Aubryn recently won 1st and 2nd place in the San Diego Songwriter's Guild Song Competition with two songs off her debut album, 1st place at the San Diego County Fair Singer/Songwriter Competition, and was a 2015 Kerrville Folk Festival finalist in the New Folk Competition. Learn more about her on her website.

Karim KronfliProfile Photo

Karim Kronfli

Dr. Karl Amos

Karim (He/Him) has been a professional performer for over 25 years originally working as a juggler and firebreather. With plays, and film added to his professional repertoire Karim now loves directing as much as performing. Trained at City Lit in London he eventually got introduced to working behind the microphone at BFBS. Specialising in audio drama he has appeared in several shows such as Unseen, What’s the Frequency, The Magnus Archives, SCP Archives, Liberty: Tales From the Tower, and many more.

Lindsay ZanaProfile Photo

Lindsay Zana

Dr. Cicely Bennett

Lindsay (She/Her) is a voice actor and singer currently located in LA, with a passion for Shakespeare, musicals, and tales of grand adventure. When she's not emoting behind a microphone, she can be found playing D&D, singing with Top Shelf Vocal, or binging shows with her partner and pup. You can find out more about her and her work at lindsayzana.com.

Newton SchottelkotteProfile Photo

Newton Schottelkotte

Atalanta "Atta" Harris

Newton (They/Them) is a writer, sound designer, actor, and more! A Commercial Songwriting and Film student in the Nashville area, they are the creator of the audio dramas Inkwyrm and Where the Stars Fell. You can find them feeding their fancy notebook obsession, trying to be funny on Twitter, and on their website.

Marcus RothenbergProfile Photo

Marcus Rothenberg


Marcus (They/Them) is an Illinois-based biracial, non-binary voice actor and audiobook narrator. They have lent their voice to multiple projects ranging from commercials, character roles, commissioned Dungeons and Dragons character voices, to full-length audiobooks. When they are not in the booth recording, they enjoy painting, D&D, kayaking, reading, and video games.