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Rho escapes from a facility that has been holding her hostage only to be pursued by law enforcement and get kidnapped, making her a hostage once more, just under different circumstances. Clearly, this isn't her day...

Cast (in order of appearance):
Stef Howerton -- Rho
Jennifer Trela -- Voice
Jason Bell -- Guard 1
Aubryn Stevens -- Guard 2
Newton Schottelkotte -- Atalanta "Atta" Harris
David Ault -- First Mate Edward Whitlaw
Allen Chan -- Navigational Officer Warren Lee
David S. Dear -- Medical Officer Garyn Beikirch
Stephanie Tobin -- Captain Lillian Dunne
Karim Kronfli -- Dr. Karl Amos
Lindsay Zana -- Dr. Cicely Bennett

Music: Tim Rosko
Sound Design: Brad Colbroock

Written, Directed, and Produced by Stef Howerton
Show Art by Stef Howerton
Photography by Francesco Ungaro

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